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The problem with some of the popular email services today is that they are "free". But if you have used one of those services, you know that you have to "pay" for the basic service by subjecting yourself to "guerilla" advertising tactics, pop-up (and pop-under) windows, banners, taglines, subscriber list marketing, loss of privacy, and personal inconvenience.

If you want to remove the advertising, you have to pay extra. In fact, if you want some of the better features you also have to pay extra. The old saying, "there's no such thing as a free lunch" could never be more true! Now, services like MSN Hotmail, Yahoo!Mail and are all moving towards a "user pays" model.

All features included
At EmailWorld, we let you choose your price depending only on mailbox size, not on features! Everything else is included. Even the kitchen sink. So whether you choose a 1GB mailbox or a 100 GB mailbox, you get ALL the features. Prices start from just $14.95 for a full-featured 1GB Platinum mailbox, and because you're not subsidizing free accounts, our prices are very competitive.Update: disk allowances have been raised periodically from a base level of 5mb up to 1GB in current packages.

Lifetime email address
You'll never have to change your email address again. Change ISP (internet service provider) as often as you like. Move to another country. Change jobs. Isn't it nice to have that type of stability in this crazy world? We think so. Just forward your EmailWorld email address to your home (ISP) address for complete portability.

Additional addresses/aliases
What if you decide you don't like your email address anymore or you just want a change of image? You can have as many additional EmailWorld email addresses as you like for the special price of just $4.95 each! Each additional address is a full-featured Platinum 1GB account that you can give to a member of your family or forward to your main account to use as an alias. Just choose a new address and let us know on the registration form. We'll even transfer the storage from one account to another if you ask nicely! Now, that's service.

Choice of hundreds of prestige domains
Choose an email address that suits your lifestyle, personality, sense of humor, political persuasion, attitude, sport or passion from our amazing selection of premium domain names. And because we own all our own domain names (rather than managing others) you can have complete confidence in your email address.

No advertising, no tag-lines, no banners
All mailboxes are advertising-free. No advertisements, no tag-lines, no banners and no subscriber marketing which means no loss of your privacy. Nothing but world-class, state-of-the-art email. That's the EmailWorld difference. Enjoy.

Complete privacy & security
Privacy from advertisers and privacy from spammers! We don't sell our subscriber list to anyone and we don't allow any sort of viral marketing. All our email servers are configured for ultimate technical security on the Internet (we won't bore you with geek talk, but our security is extremely good). And our email browsing features protect your privacy at home or at work.