PHPix - a Free PHP Photo Album Program



PHPix is a Web-based photo album viewer written in PHP. It features automatic generation of thumbnails and different resolution files for viewing on the fly. For thumbnails downloading we recommend to download Utorrent. It was written mainly because none of the existing packages to make online photo albums worked well enough for me.


  • Access archived versions of PHPix photo album program for free at SourceForge.
  • Tutorials from Traffikd and Digital Photography School will form the inspiration for a newly slated PHPix feature due for release later this year. After consultation, we've decied to allow for full social integration between PHPix and Instagram, allowing users to view and optimize both private and public profile feeds from within their PHP album interface. The Traffikd team will lend a hand to ensure full compatability for users with privacy settings turned on and in-software tips on photo optimization will be provided by a new AI element.
  • In development - PHPix 4.0 - the upcoming version of PHPix will look to social media for new integration and sharing features. In particular, PHPix photo albums will be exportable and shareable on leading photography platforms including Instagram. New image formats like WebP will be supported, allowing lossless images to be used in galleries with a lesser burden on server resources.
  • 09 Sep, 2011 (retrospective) - PHPix 3.0 relased - new gallery scrolling functionality added and Javascript lightbox feature.
  • 17 May, 2008 (retrospective) - PHPix 2.1 released - bug fixes and support for new image formats.
  • 01 Feb, 2003 - PHPix 2.0.3 released - Added code for newer Imagemagick versions
  • 05 Oct, 2000 - PHPix 1.0.2 released - go to download page to get your copy!
  • 11 Jan, 2001 - PHPix 2.0pre1 release with bug fix to eliminate security hole where users could create a URL that would allow access to files outsite of the PHPix directory. Also, generated images are now stored in a separate dir from the albums to keep your original pic dirs cleaner. Next 2.0pre will have support for many image formats.