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EmailWorld's extensive range of useful and provocative features goes far beyond your expectations. Why?

Because every possible feature is included as standard. All the basics you'd expect, like POP3 and SMTP, auto-responders, spam and virus filters are there, plus ground-breaking technologies like built-in automatic language translation and WAP (mobile phone) access.

And to top it off - there's NO advertising at all. None, zero, nothing, nil, zip! That's the EmailWorld difference. Click here for more benefits.

Large mailboxes to 100mb
Your choice of 5mb, 10mb, 20mb, 50mb or 100mb. And there's more if you need it. We didn't want you to feel cramped in your new home!
The larger your mailbox, the larger the attachments you can receive.

Over-sized attachments
Send and receive large powerpoint presentations and graphic intensive documents without a hitch! Store large files in your mailbox while you travel. The maximum attachment size is about 70% of your mailbox size, ie: 15mb for a 20mb mailbox.

Unlimited filters & forwarding
Filter, color-code and forward messages to your personal folders or other email addresses based on any criteria you like. Set alerts based on filter criteria.

POP3/SMTP/WAP access
Send and receive email from Outlook or other mail program. You never actually have to log into your webmail account. You can even access your account from your WAP enabled mobile phone!

Automatic language translation
Type an email message in your native language, then have it translated immediately as you send it. Read incoming foreign language emails.

Virtual keyboard
Use the virtual keyboard to type in your native language using any standard keyboard when you are away from home.

Choice of Skins & Colors
Enhance your email interface with hundreds of themed skins. Scenic, cars, art, sport, retro and dozens more, or pick from an amazing choice of colors. You have to try it to believe it.

Free Email Notifiers
Check your email without logging into your account. These little Windows programs run invisibly in the background checking for mail every few minutes and alerting you to new mail. Choose the notifier that's right for you.

Calendar & Scheduler
Set email reminders and never forget an appointment, birthday or anniversary again! This is a truly powerful and versatile personal assistant.

Alerts and notifications
Set notifications by email based on message filters. Even set alerts to your mobile phone by SMS (subject to availability and separate SMS subscription).

Spam filtering and safelists
Get rid of unwanted spam forever. Powerful filtering, blocking and safelists keeps your inbox clean and tidy. You decide how you want spam handled.

Advanced virus scanning
EmailWorld's advanced anti-virus scanning means you can open your email with confidence.

Group mailing
Sort your contacts into meaningful groups and contact all group members at once.